The day it started

I remember that first moment that this new journey started.

Those words that Chris uttered that changed our entire way of looking at life.

There I was, innocently sat in in bed with a lovely cup of tea. Resting my pregnant self.

When bam!….out of no-where!….”Have you thought about home schooling?”

No was the answer. I had not thought about schooling at all. I was still pregnant with baby number 1. Also I had not even known home educating existed. Or rather the fact that some people did not go to school was not something I had actively thought about.

The thought was out there then. It had been mentioned, and as I am the type of person that likes to know as much as possible about all the different options….That was the moment the research started.

I Googled and read, and read and Googled. Home education, the law, private schools, the national curriculum, public schools, nurseries. That was just the start of the searching. It led me on to things I had never considered as well as things I had never even heard of before. Steiner and Montessori educations for example.

I liked what I read but we were still unsure. So we started of with a ‘maybe’. Maybe we would home educate our child. Maybe we would not send it (it was still an ‘It’) to school. I continued with the research.

I’m not sure where, when or how that ‘maybe’ changed, but change it has. Nearly 3 years on from that first mention of home schooling we are certain of our choice. The research and reading is still going on though, but now it is more for pleasure and ideas than for understanding.

We still have a couple of years left before we have to ‘officially’ make the decision not to send Lucibella to school. We have already started down the home educating path though, and everyday she teaches me how much she is able to learn. I very much doubt our decision will change.

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